Never Give Up without a FIGHT!

July 21, 2016 Comments (0) Culture & Education, Indonesia & The EU

Caroline Manik was born and raised in Porsea, Toba Samosir, North Sumatra. She always tries her best to inspire her family and makes the most of every opportunity to fulfill her dreams.


Caroline was an Erasmus+ Action 2 awardee and undertook a semester Bachelor Exchange programme in Economics at Sciences Po, Paris, France in 2014. Caroline is currently a staff for the Chairperson of the Presidential Advisory Council of the Republic of Indonesia, focusing on Economics and Development sectors. She appreciates all of her study experience in Europe and considers it as one of her life’s milestones that led her to her current occupation.

Having failed twice to go to Europe, Caroline was challenged and encouraged to put more efforts in realising her dreams to live in Europe. Just as she was about to leave for Japan to take part in a Student Exchange programme to Fukuoka, she applied to LOTUS III – an Erasmus Programme that eventually gave her the long-awaited chance to go to Paris, Europe!

Caroline was the only Indonesian or even Asian in an international classroom with students coming from all continents. Although she had many assignments and materials to read, she managed well in her studies thanks to the adequate facilities and the competent lecturers that contributed to creating a stimulating and convenient studying environment. One more delightful ‘bonus’ of her programme was a Europe Trip!

The opportunity to study in Europe also led her to have a stronger personality, become ever more of a knowledge-seeker, sociable and adaptable, and unstoppable when it comes to pursuing ambitious goals.

“The feeling that life is hard will only be experienced when you are alone in foreign country,” said Caroline. “Now is the time for me to try to inspire all of you who want to apply for an Erasmus+ Scholarship,” she added.

Keep on dreaming, stay strong and always give it a try! Never give up without a FIGHT! This is the motto of Sukamto Tanoto, founder of “Tanoto Foundation” Scholarship. He is Caroline’s idol.

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