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On the 28th August 2014 we learned all about INATRIMS! Must admit we had never heard the term before, but being enthusiastic interns at the EU Delegation we went along to the seminar organised by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia and the EU Delegation. Together they (the Ministry of Trade and the EU Delegation) were launching a new online tool to increase industry access to international markets called INATRIMS (Indonesia Technical Regulations Information Management System).

INATRIMS is being developed as part of the EU-Indonesia Trade Support Programme (TSP), which aims to increase Indonesian exports, by improving the Export Quality Infrastructure and strengthen Indonesia’s integration into the world market.

The INATRIMS website aims to help Indonesian companies to get information about EU standards for goods and conditions of exportation. The website also provides relevant information and guidance on the different EU regulations!

“The ultimate objective of the information system is to provide all the information required by the manufacturers and exporters in the same place, including links to the competent authorities and conformity assessment bodies accredited in Indonesia. The information system was designed directly to meet the needs of the users. We are very proud to cooperate with Indonesia on this important initiative.” – Franck Viault, Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation

Because the European Union has some of the highest quality standards for goods in the world, it makes perfect sense that the European Union supports Indonesian companies to fulfil the required standards and conditions. These types of trade related projects are undertaken by the European Union, not only in Indonesia, but are almost a trademark of EU trade-related assistance across the globe.

The European Union is a very attractive market for many companies, more than 350 million consumers, with an increasing appetite for goods of all sorts! The European Union is the world’s biggest market, and while Indonesian exports into the Union have reached over 15 billion euros annually, this is still below levels achieved by regional competitors, such as Malaysia.

INATRIMS is organised by sections and categories of goods with a particular focus on the 10 main export products from Indonesia (coffee, automotive, footwear, palm oil, shrimps, cocoa…) and 10 potential export sectors (essential oils, handicrafts, leather products, herbal medicine…). When using INATRIMS companies will be able to quickly find—both in Bahasa Indonesia and English—the relevant regulations and standards for their product as well as other information they may need to be able to export their products to the European market.

Link to the website:


During the seminar we met a woman entrepreneur who exports essential oil to Singapore and India. She told us she was planning to expand her business to include the European Union, which had proved difficult in the past, because she had not been able to find the required conditions applicable for exporting essential oils to the Union. As a consequence, she had had several samples sent back. She attended the seminar to learn how to use the INATRIMS website in order to identify the correct specifications and regulations for her products.


We also met a couple of shrimp exporters, who seemed to be well established on the European market. They told us they were already exporting to Germany, France, Italy and other countries. However, they wanted to know how INATRIMS could help keep them updated on the regulations relevant to their business.


Written by Katharina Gompf and Julie Vignon, Interns at the EU Delegation to Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam and ASEAN.

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