Pre-Departure Story: Dreams Come True For Erasmus Plus Students

August 7, 2015 Comments (0) Culture & Education, Indonesia & The EU

26 December, 2004, 8 o’clock in the morning.

A ten-year old girl thought this world was going to end when a 9 Richter scale earthquake shook her hometown and a 15-metre tsunami wave destroyed thousands of houses. She was there, looking blankly when a man was swallowed by black and vicious water before her mother pulled her hands and ran to the neighbour’s house. She witnessed almost a hundred of her family members disappearing in just a few seconds. From the second floor of her neighbour’s house, she kept searching for her grandmother’s house, but all she could see was the ocean, the tower of a mosque floating on the water with many people on it.

This ten-year old girl who once had no idea how she would have continued her life has now become a young girl who is eager to run and catch her dreams. Studying in Europe always stood on the top of her bucke
t list.  Despite the difficult times she has been through, giving up never appeared in her life dictionary. And now she finally found a chance in Erasmus+.

And yes, that girl is me, and that’s my story.


Intan with other Erasmus+ recipients and Head of Political, Press and Information Section. Mr. Julio Arias

Intan with other Erasmus+ recipients and Head of Political, Press and Information Section. Mr. Julio Arias


I believe that all of us have our own story, stories of ups and downs which shaped us as persons. But today my story is that of an Erasmus+ awardee.

Being part of Erasmus+ is a privilege that allows us to be a part of something extraordinary: study in well-established educational systems, experience new cultures, and live in open-minded environments. But being accepted as an awardee does not mean the challenges have ended: this is still the beginning of a new life and of new responsibilities. I truly believe that, by granting this scholarship, the European Union expects us to study, grow up and learn… And then go back home, do something for our country and the world, to make changes, to make this world a better place.

Therefore, on behalf of all Exchange students from Bachelor level, I would like to say thank you very much to the EU for giving us this golden opportunity. We, as awardees, will give our best to not disappoint you.

“No one will know what the future hold but the future, starts today!”


Intan is a 21 years old Acehnese girl who comes from Lam Keumok village, in Peukan Bada subdistrict (Aceh Besar).

She is currently studying Financial Accounting at the International Accounting Program, Faculty of Economics, Syiah Kuala University (Aceh).

She will attend University of Turku, Finland for one semester. Her program is Experts4Asia.


Erasmus Plus  Scholars at Pre-Departure Event

Erasmus Plus Scholars at Pre-Departure Event

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