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Bejo Utomo is an Erasmus Mundus Alumni who  studied Emergency and Critical Care Nursing in Portugal and Spain in 2012-2014. His expertise in Emergency and Critical Care Nursing is still rare in Indonesia and Bejo is one among those few experts!


Bejo gained valuable experience by taking this EU-funded Erasmus Mundus programme. By interacting and exposing himself to people and cultures from other countries, this led him to be an open-minded person, accepting diversity and experiencing living in harmonye. He still keeps in touch with other students from his class, other Erasmus Alumni as well as university professors.

His nursing studies broadened his views on multicultural value and multidiciplinary team work. He also gained an internship experience in the emergency unit, on pre-hospital emergency services and intensive care unit. He undertook his internship at Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias, Spain and interacted directly with patients from the local community. During his studies, Bejo was also awarded for his work: the best Poster Presentation in the VIII Hispanic-Luso Congress of Nursing Students.

Upon returning to Indonesia and during the 2014-2015 period, Bejo worked in Bethsaida Hospital, Gading Serpong Tangerang as the Head of Iintensive Care Unit for one year and continued as Nursing Clinical Instructor for another year. He is now working as the Main Nurse in Pendidikan Universitas Indonesia Hospital in Depok.

This nurse has shown us how special it feels to be an Erasmus Mundus awardee. When will be your turn? Come and join Erasmus!

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