Dare to fail

July 21, 2016 Comments (0) Culture & Education, Indonesia & The EU

Annisa Hasanah is an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2013-2014 Alumna who pursued a Master’s Degree in Forest Science and Ecology.


‘If I gave up after being rejected 10 times from various scholarship programmes, I would not be able to experience how it feels to study in Europe. That’s why, I dare to fail,” said Annisa Hasanah.

During her time at GeorgAugustUniversität Göttingen in Germany, Annisa was able to travel while studying and wrote a blog. The stories have then been published in a book entitled “Student Traveler” in September 2015 with a great response from readers. Don’t forget to buy her book. You will be inspired and motivated to study abroad.

While pursuing her studies in Germany, Annisa was able not only to develop her writing skills but she also became a sociopreneur by creating a board game called “Ecofunopoly”. Ecofunopoly is an environment-based educational board game made of recycled materials produced by housewives in Ciawi, Bogor. Her university awarded “Kreativitaet im Studium” for this creation which allowed Annisa to broaden her project by conducting a comparative study on environmental education between Germany and Indonesia using Ecofunopoly. As a result, she also developed Ecofunopoly in German language.

Annisa has successfully produced an inspiring book. She is also a sociopreneur applying environmental friendly approach and empowering local community.

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