Christmas in Slovakia

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In Slovakia, Christmas celebrations begin with Advent. During this period there are lots of preparations to be made for Christmas. Cleaning the house, baking vanilla cookies, also very special Christmas ginger bread nicely decorated, buying the tree  and also very important fish for the Christmas dinner – the carp.  As children we gave him a name and talked to him 🙂

Christmas Eve, Dec 24 – “Štedrý večer” – Generous Day, is the most important day in Slovakia of Christmas season – Vianoce. On this day the whole family meet around the table.

In the morning we decorate the Christmas tree with hand-made decorations, such as wooden, ginger breads, angels, sweets and lights. The tree is kept until the January the 6th.

Christmas gifts are brought by Baby Jesus. They are put under the tree. At that time the children are out of the room. We unpack gifts after the dinner.

Christmas dinner begins with “oplátky” with the honey and garlic – bread wafers and blessing. But the main Christmas dinner varies between regions and families. It has a lot of courses, included “kapustnica” – sauerkraut soup, with dried  mushrooms picked up in summer, “pirohy” dumplings, “opekance-bobáľky” – small pieces of bread, topped with poppy seeds, milk and honey, fried carp with potato salad with mayonnaise, cookies, fruits and at the end of dinner we use to cut the apple in a half. The seeds in the middle should be in the shape of star. It means we will be healthy and happy all the next year. We also put the fish scales under the plate in hope it will bring us the money 🙂

After the dinner people go to the Mass service and see also “Jasličky” – Nativity. And we all hope to have a nice white Christmas with snow.


Here are the recipes:


1 kg of the sauerkraut

a handful of the dried mushrooms

200 ml of the cream

1 tea spoon of the salt

5 pcs of the black pepper noisette

3 pcs of the bay leaves


For the béchamel sauce


2 soup spoon of the butter

1 soup spoon of the flour

1 tea spoon of the red paprika

1 cup of the milk


Put the sauerkraut, the mushrooms , the black pepper, the bay leaves into 3 litres of the salted water and boiled around 30 minutes.

Add the béchamel sauce, cook another 5 minutes and by the end the cream and it is ready to serve. Very easy to cook 🙂

kapustnica 1

kapustnica 2


225 gr the flour

1/2 litre of the milk

20 gr vanilla sugar

100 gr sugar

1 tea spoon the cinnamon

3 soup spoon of the oil

1 egg yolk
oplatky 1 (2)

oplatky 2 (2)

oplatky 3

oplatky 4



Also very easy recipe – all ingredient together very well mixed and then prepare on a special machine. See the pictures 🙂



This post is written by Mrs. Olga Slivovicova – as she has prepared, cooked and baked everything by herself. 

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